Wednesday, 8 October 2014

My Topshop Wish List

The above items can all be found at Boots | Pom Scarf | Mini Skirt | Duffle Coat | Snood | Crop Top | Teddy Robe | Cheek Jelly | Nail Varnish | Ring

Don't you just love Autumn? More importantly, don't you just love Topshop? I DO!

When I was flicking through all my online favourites I was so impressed by Topshop and their latest collections. It's full of gorgeous clothes, stunning accessories and the perfect autumnal colours. I'm really loving deep tones at the moment... maroons and regal greens are definitely a favourite. Ooo, and stripes. Can you tell? 

As for the duffle coat, it's only a matter of time until I purchase it. I've tried it on three times now and each time I've fallen more in love with it. It's so so lovely, it fits really well and I love the duffle styled fasteners. They're super cute!

What's on your Topshop wish list at the moment? I could quite honestly say the whole entire shop... 


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