Sunday, 10 August 2014

Floral Print Trousers

Recently I have been stepping away from my clothes comfort zone and trying new styles and trends. I have fallen head-over-heels with all things floral, especially printed trousers!

Now, I don't normally head for the trouser section when I'm shopping. I'm super fussy about jeans, trousers and anything that draws attention to my upper leg. My thighs aren't huge but they're definitely the largest part of my body! So, when I was in New Look yesterday I was umming and ahhing about trying these trousers on. 

I took them to the changing room and instantly fell in love! 

They are a navy floral print, slim leg trouser. They're also fitted around the waist which is fab for me! They're 100% Polyester so they're that gorgeous, slinky material. I really do love them. They're super cheap as well, a really affordable pair of trousers. Click here to have a look for yourself.

I paired mine with an off-the-shoulder, cream gypsy top (it looks white in the photograph). This was also from New Look and I absolutely adore it. You'll come to learn that I love white and cream tops, with pretty detailing.

So, what do you think of these trousers? I'm so happy I bought them and stepped away from my comfort zone. Also, I felt fabulous whilst wearing them, a real bonus in my eyes. 


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