Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

Now, I may be a bit behind with this one... however, when everyone started talking about this book I was writing my dissertation and finishing off my degree. And, if you're anything like me, once I start a book I cannot put it down! I did not need that distraction, that's for sure!

So, The Fault in Our Stars; where do I start?

Over all I thought the book was okay, the storyline was good and the characters were nice? Mmmm... it wasn't my favourite book of all time and I have a few reasons why.

1. I have suffer with hypothyroidism (an under active thyroid) and at the moment I cannot get my levels right. I feel all over the place and I'm also very anxious. This book made me worry! I know that seems really silly but it made me more conscious of how I felt, however, it did give me the motivation to look into my illness more. The way that John Green described Hazel's illness and how she was feeling was incredible and so so accurate, especially when she's tired. I thought that this was spot on so hats off to this!

2. I didn't feel like I really bonded with the characters. Yes... they're fictional! But still, it was no Edward Cullen bond. I actually felt quite annoyed with Augustus when reading this. I have no idea why and I'm sure he'd be an absolutely lovely person in real life, I just wasn't feeling it at all.

3. I read that this book was being voted as one of the best ever love stories - the 'next Romeo and Juliette'. It is a fantastic love story but it's so sombre that it just made me sad. I want to live a long, full, happy and healthy life and it made me sad reading it, which made my day sad too! It's no 50 Shades either... now that's a true love story! ;)

Mmm, maybe I'm being too harsh, what do you think? Maybe I need to re-read it when my levels are right and I'm feeling a lot better. I suppose at the moment I am a bit of an emotional mess!!

What's your favourite book of all time? I'd love some good recommendations! 

Over and out xx


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