Monday, 7 July 2014

Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed - a skin saviour!

I feel well and truly back in the blogging game (three posts in!) I've always blogged, slowly, rather silently and on many different platforms. I feel so much more connection with this blog, I'm unsure why but... I like it! So... whilst I was sat contemplating my day, with a face mask on, I'd thought I'd tell you my thoughts on the Soap and Glory No Clogs allowed self heating mask. I can, from very present experience, tell you that I think it's fab!

The No Clogs Allowed mask is perfect for oily to combination skin. It deep cleans and melts away all the yukky bits that are stuck in your pores. Not only that but it's colour changing too. The mask itself goes from yellow to blue, whilst heating up on your face. It's like a mini spa treatment - oh so fabulous! 

Now my skins not particularly bad but when it's having a bad day, it's a really bad day! I've found that this mask, well since I've started using it, has helped to keep my skin more level and I've definitely had less break outs. It's so easy to use, it only takes five minutes to work and you're good to go, ready to get on with the rest of your day.

I noticed my biggest change after using it twice.

The product is great value for money too. I picked it up for about £11.00 and I've just checked and you can purchase it in Boots for a similar price. I've used it about five times already, on my entire face, and my tube is still pretty full!

Today I have only used it on specific areas, my nose and my chin. I've put it on like this before and it's really helped to kick start my face into think 'CLEAN!' It doesn't dry out my skin either, which is great because I suffer with dry patches here and there. (Urgh!)

This product is fabulous, it's cheap and it's effective... oh and I love the fact that it heats up! Am I the only one who's drawn in by the gimmicky features?! 

Time for me to wash it off now, it's been on a bit too long today! Whoops! 

Have you tried this mask, what do you think? 


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