Thursday, 19 June 2014

Glastonbury Wish List

One week to go... Glastonbury is creeping up on me VERY quickly and I seem to be the least organised person EVER. Unorganised to the point where I currently have no sleeping bag and no wellies, two essentials for any festival! Doh!

So instead of packing my rucksack and going to buy some funky festival footwear, I'm sat on my laptop browsing the Internet for beautiful things that I would purchase if I had unlimited money, just in time for Glasto!

Number one being this gorgeous skirt from Warehouse. 

I've had my eye on this skirt for about a month now. I think it's the perfect summer must have! It's floaty, it's a light material and the pattern is right up my street - tribal without being too in your face. 

I've seen this top paired with a yellow tee and it looked simply amazing, it really emphasised the yellow in the skirt. Picture yourself with a tan, this skirt, a pretty top and a cute pair of black wedges... yum! 

Now, sticking with the tribal-y/aztec-y patterns, I absolutely adore this hooded scarf. Not to pair with the skirt, of course! But I think that this would look lush with a pair of denim shorts, flip flops and then a little white vest. It's the perfect item of clothing to 'bung' on without losing your stylish flare! Plus... it has hood, which is always a bonus. 

Um... how cute is this bag?! One thing I'm really worried about is not having enough room to carry bits and pieces around with me during the day. I am definitely one of those girls who carries her life in her handbag. I have all sorts of treats in my various bags, from your typical makeup essentials to thousands of empty sweet wrappers and I don't want that to change for Glastonbury! I want a bag that's big enough to carry my water, my essentials and anything else I fancy that morning. I think that this is the perfect find. 

Right... now is a good point to mention my crazy hair. I mean it, I have REALLY crazy hair. It's very curly and it's quite long at the moment which I absolutely love, however, curly hair... mud... and potential rain equals a very unhappy Sophie. Even more so, very unhappy hair! 

I think something like this Topshop Heather Garland would be the ideal accessory for dealing with my massive mane. The thought of not washing my hair for a good few days fills me with disgust and, sadly, my hair doesn't appreciate dry shampoo. Any tips and tricks are very welcome?! A band like this would help me to keep my hair off my face too, which is essential if I want to see my favourite bands!

These are just a few of the items that I would purchase if a) I had the money and b) I had time to go shopping! Before Glastonbury, however, I have a million and one things that I need to do starting, perhaps, with finding a pair of wellies and a sleeping bag! 

Are you off to Glastonbury this year and if you are, what's on your Glastonbury wish list? 


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